Family Law

Established in 1929 in Clarksville, Tennessee, Runyon & Runyon has a tradition of community service and a deep understanding that the law is a framework to serve the interests of people. In the emotionally charged context of family law problems, the firm is devoted to guiding clients through the framework to obtain the most favorable outcome for a brighter future.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Family Law Lawyers

The firm provides diligent legal representation, sound advice and counsel for clients confronted with problems in all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce — The firm provides comprehensive advice and legal counseling to help clients understand how the law applies to each aspect of the divorce, as well as the legal options available to help men and women obtain a favorable outcome tailored to their personal goals and objectives.
  • Concerns in a military divorce — The rules and nuances associated with a divorce involving a servicemember require thorough review. The firm has experience representing individuals associated with Fort Campbell and the 101st Airborne Division.

  • Child custody and child support — Resolving disputes over the best interests the child in custody and visitation disputes can be contentious. The firm regularly assists parents resolve these issues to protect the children and allow the parents to move forward with confidence.
  • Property division — Financial disputes in resolving the equitable division of marital property can be troubling. Guiding men and women through property division problems is a clear strength of the firm.
  • Concerns in high net worth divorce — Multiple properties, investment accounts, business interests, tax implications and other issues take detailed, thorough analysis in a high net worth divorce. The firm's well-rounded knowledge and experience with business law, finances and family law are vitally important to clients of Runyon & Runyon.
  • Business valuation in divorce — Determining the value of a business or interest in a business requires detailed analysis. The firm's experience in family and business law is invaluable in a divorce associated with a business interest.
  • Adoption — The firm's comprehensive legal services include providing compassionate representation in adoptions and zealous defense services in termination of parental rights proceedings.

In providing legal guidance to its clients, Runyon & Runyon diligently works to develop the kind of client-attorney relationship that offers the best chance for success. This means that the lawyers listen to their clients to get to understand not just the legal issues, but the real-world problems that give rise to those issues.

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